• Your guest RSVP'd to you outside of RSVPify, and you'd like to manual submit this group/party's RSVP on their behalf in RSVPify.
  • This group/party is already on your Guest List.

A party/group on your guest list whom you haven't yet heard from will look like this:

Manually Submitting An RSVP AND Updating the Guest List

When manually submitting an RSVP, and updating an existing group/party on your Guest List tab, be sure to select the relevant party from the search suggestions that will display as you begin to type a guest's name.

After you've selected a name from the list of search suggestions, the party/groups's information will automatically display.

Enter the reply to your primary event, meal preferences and secondary events where applicable. Click Update Party.

Implications of Submitting an Off-Guest List RSVP

If you do not follow the steps above, and manually enter a party's details, you will not be updating an existing group/party on your Guest List.

Instead, you will be submitting an RSVP for these guests AND creating a duplicate entry on the Guest List for this group/party.

To ensure accuracy and consistency across your RSVPs and Guest List, please be cautious and follow the above steps exactly when manually submitting RSVPs.


Learn more about RSVPify's guest list management app.

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