August 13, 2018

RSVPify's online invitation and email tools suite now features our new email builder, making it easier than ever to create email invitations that look great on desktop and mobile email clients.

Create and preview your email invitation on desktop and mobile with drag-and-drop ease. Make edits to text fonts and styles in-line, and re-size, crop or enhance your email creative without leaving the email builder.

In-line Editing

Quickly edit fonts, styles, colors and images using an intuitive in-line toolbar that makes it easy to make and preview changes. 

Desktop & Mobile Previews

Preview how your digital invitations will look on both desktop and mobile email clients, and make changes in realtime to perfect your invitation's design in either view. Choose to send an email invitation preview to your inbox.

Image Editing Built-in

Upload, edit and enhance your images right in RSVPify. We've built-in image re-sizing, cropping, rotation, and all the basics. It's also easy to add beautiful frames, filters, and color treatments. Enhance your images with text, stickers, shapes and more. Learn more here.

Add Custom HTML

Drop-in custom HTML elements and scripts for greater control over the look and content of your email invitation.

Fully-responsive Email Invitations

Elements in your digital email invitation will automatically re-size to look great on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Our new, responsive email templates are designed to work across all major desktop and mobile email clients.

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