Where is the decline option? 

Your event's accept/decline option will be on Step 2 of the RSVP process. 

What if it's not on step 2? 

You may have toggled on the "Hide Accept/Decline Text" option. This option is not suitable for non-corporate events. If you mistakenly enabled this option, Here's how to navigate there and turn off this option:

  1.  Setup > General Options > Guest Options.
  2. If you want the accept/decline text to be visible, you will want to make sure this option is Toggled OFF. 
  3. Save your changes.

What if guests are still confused?

If you are finding that guests are for some reason struggling with this (which in our experience is not an issue), you can always add some further instructions to page 1 such as "Please enter the fields below and click 'Next'. You will then be asked to accept or decline the invitation". 

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