Step 1: Import a Guest List

If you collected RSVPs through RSVPify and are not importing an external guest list, skip this section.

  1. Within your event, navigate to Guest List
  2. Click Import from Spreadsheet
  3. Upload a properly formatted list of your accepted attendees
  4. In the Guest List tab, click Mark All Guests as Coming

Step 2: Distribute Tickets to your Guests

  1. Within your event, navigate to Tools > Send Email Reminders
  2. Click New Email
  3. In the top drop down, select Guests who have accepted
  4. Use the Merge Tags drop down in the WYSIWYG editor to add in the Confirmation QR Code and/or Confirmation Number

Recommendations On What to Include

Merge Tags

  • List of All Party Guests: This merge tag will include ALL the names of the guests in a given party.
  • Confirmation QR Code: The visual barcode that can be used to 'scan' guests in upon their arrival.
  • Confirmation Number: A 5-digit confirmation number assigned to each guest. 


  • A logo or image
  • Additional event details
  • Where to go when you, the guest, arrives
  • Details on time

Your Email Might Look Like...

Guests Will See...

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