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Sent out your invitation and noticed that some of your emails 'bounced'? This means they were undeliverable to your guest. We'll walk you through the simple steps on how to correct this and ensure these guests receive your invitation. 

Here is a video of how this full flow. We've broken this down into steps below! 

Step 1: Identify which of your guests emails were undeliverable

Undeliverable emails will be displayed by RED envelope icons on your guest list.  

Step 2: Update the email address to the corrected email using the pencil icon next to the guest / party.

Step 3: Create a duplicate / clone of your event's already-sent digital invitation

 (Note you can also opt to create a new invitation from scratch)

Step 5: Send your newly created invitation draft to 'all guests who's invitation was undeliverable".  
IMPORTANT: this is the most crucial step. If you do not change this dropdown, your invitation will be sent to all of the guests on your guest list. Double check that the # of guests in the Send to X number of guests reflects the correct number. 

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