The Party ID column enables event hosts to indicate which of their guests should be RSVPing as a Single Party. This can be helpful for events that have individuals and Groups ("Parties") of guests. An example would be if you invited a married couple to your annual fundraiser and/or multiple office managers from the same branch that you're inviting to your company's client appreciation event. 

Please note that this column is OPTIONAL and should only be "used" (contain numbers) if one or more of your Parties should be grouped together. If this is relevant to your event, you can see a detailed explanation here. If it's not relevant, please keep reading!

If all of your guests should RSVP as individuals, then you need to do the following: 

  1. Leave the cells in the Party ID column blank (do NOT remove this column)
  2. When importing your guest list, simply scroll to the top of your guest list and click the checkbox next to the option, "Auto-assign each individual guest to their own Party"

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