Sometimes people create a Secondary Event when first getting started and later need to add additional details. No problem! 

Note that if you have already started collecting RSVPs, making changes to the functionality of your secondary event can cause issues with the submitted data. Adjustments to the event name and details is totally safe! 

First, make sure to go to the secondary events page
(setup > secondary events) 

Edit Event Details

Most edits will be found under the 'event details' section. This will be the default button, or found in the dropdown if your event is invite-only. Here you can edit: 

  • Event Name
  • Event Description (you might have included the event date, time, and location here!)
  • Invite Only VS Invite All Guests
  • 'Only ask guest to RSVP if they accept the primary event'
  • 'Make guest reply optional'
  • Max Acceptance Limit

Edit Accept / Decline Text 

Want to make changes to the wording of the RSVP question and responses? You can select 'edit accept/decline text' from the dropdown of your event. 

Delete Event

Need to delete the secondary event altogether? You can find this option in the dropdown selection as well! 

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