Mazel Tov and welcome to RSVPify, the leading RSVP Platform for B'nai Mitzvahs! 

The beauty of RSVPify is that you're able to collect RSVPs for the Kiddush, Ceremony, Sunday's Farewell Brunch, and the Party(!) all at once from a single Guest List. Just as importantly, ONLY the guests invited to each of those events will see the specific events (and RSVP) - no hurt feelings!

RSVPify's Primary Events and Secondary Events Power B'nai Mitzvahs: 

The Primary Event is the event to which ALL of your guests are invited whereas Secondary Events are those sub-events that only a sub-set of your guest list can attend. Below are some more details:

Primary Event

You should name your Primary Event something that everyone on your guest list is invited to (e.g. Eli's Bar Mitzvah Party) OR something overarching about the festivities (e.g. Eli's Bar Mitzvah Celebration). Remember, all of your guests will see and RSVP to the Primary Event.

Secondary Events

You can add Secondary Events (via Setup > Secondary Events) for any sub-events associated with your weekend to which you need RSVP information from your guests. Secondary events can be for all guests, or a subset of your guest list. 

Note that Secondary Events are a premium feature and can be added to any Single Event (which starts at $34) for $10/ea. 

Want to see it in action? Check out our demo events!

Rachel's Bat Mitzvah
Joshua's Bar Mitzvah

RSVPify is the perfect solution to the tricky situation inherent in collecting RSVPs for various events when not everyone is invited to those events! Ready to get started? Check out this brief video overview of RSVPify and if (and only if!) you're ready, you can see our very (overly) detailed step by step guide for setting up your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah event!

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