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Sending Invitations from your work email? Add an RSVP Button and link it to your RSVP Site for an optimal guest experience!  

While event hosts can always send online invitations via RSVPify, some users prefer to send invitations via their own professional accounts. There are pros and cons to this approach. The cons of not sending invitations via RSVPify is that you lose access to email tracking (opens, bounce backs, etc.), the option to have guests skip directly to step 2, and won't have access to user-friendly mail merge tags. The Pros are that it gives hosts the ability to easily send invitations to their contact lists and can help deliverability. While RSVPify does everything it can to ensure maximum deliverability, some older organizations employing outdated SPAM filters can cause for some invitations to get caught in a guest's junk mail. 

Adding an RSVP Button to Your Invitation in Microsoft Outlook

One of the downsides of not sending digital invitations via RSVPify is that you don't have the ability to include the RSVP Button automatically included in your invitations. We thought we'd take a moment to show you a clever workaround that some of our users have been using for years!

Step 1: Save Your RSVP Button as an Image

You can create your RSVP Button using a graphic design program, saving an PowerPoint asset as an image, or even take a screenshot of a Google Image search Results.

Note: we took a screenshot of the RSVP Button in RSVPify's invitations.  

Step 2: Draft Your Invitation and Upload your Button as an Image

Add your email text (we uploaded the invitation as an image) and introduction. We opted to center both the invitation flyer and the RSVP Button image as for extra style points!

Step 3: Add Your Event's Web URL to the RSVP Button Image

Next, you'll need to add your event's URL to the RSVP Button image. You can locate your event's URL via Setup > General Settings:

Copy that URL (using the copy link button to ensure you don't make a mistake!), return to you email draft, right click on the RSVP Button image, and paste your event's URL:

Step 4: Send yourself a Test to Ensure It's Working Properly!


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