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Sending the initial invitation to newly added guests (e.g. late additions)

Whether you've received a new batch of invitees from your boss, or want to send your invites first to your 'A list', event hosts need the ability to send invitations to guests who haven't received the invitation without re-sending it to those who have. This article provides the steps for how to accomplish this. 

Note: if you've already added new guests to your guest list and are ready to send the invitations to only these guests, please skip to step 2.

Step 1: Add new guests to the guest list by either manually adding them, or importing an additional spreadsheet.

Step 2: Create a duplicate / clone of your event's already-sent digital invitation

 (Note you can also opt to create a new invitation from scratch)

Step 3: Send your newly created invitation draft to 'Newly Added Guests Who Haven't Yet Been Sent an Invitation'

IMPORTANT: this is the most crucial step. If you do not change this dropdown, your invitation will be sent to all of the guests on your guest list. Double check that the # of guests in the Send to X number of guests reflects the correct number. 


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