RSVPify's Secondary Events feature enables you to create a number of sub-events -- and either 1) invite ALL guests on your Guest List to these events vs. 2) choose a select subset of guests to invite. The latter will enable only those who were invited to see the Secondary Event (and prevent any hurt feelings for uninvited guests!).

Sample scenario
: You're inviting to 200 guests to your wedding ceremony and reception, but not all 200 guests will be invited to sub-events such as a welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch etc. With RSVPify, it is possible to ask only certain, select guests to RSVP to a given event. Guests who you don't select to invite to a given Secondary Event will not see or be asked to RSVP to these event(s)!

How to specify which guests are invited to which Secondary Event(s):

Option 1 (preferred method): Select which Guests to invite to which event(s) via Setup > Secondary Events

Option 2: via the Guest List User Interface

While we prefer option 1, we do recommend that you look at several parties on your guest list to ensure that you invited the guests to the right event(s). 

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