This support article applies to RSVPify 1.0 only.

If you're positive that you've received an RSVP, but it's now missing from your RSVPs tab and dashboard, there are two possible causes:

  1. The first and most common cause: One or more of your guests may have RSVP'd for multiple parties using the same email address (if a guest RSVP'd for their parents or a friend with the same email address that they used to RSVP for their own party, for example). An email address is tied to a specific party, and use of the email address for more than one party will overwrite the previous RSVP.

    While an alert regarding overwriting previous RSVPs is shown and guests must confirm their intentions, we have had instances in the past where a guest didn't read the alert message, and submitted for multiple parties using the same address -- therein overwriting previous RSVPs.

    If submitting RSVPs manually or if guests are submitting RSVPs for relatives, please ensure use of a separate email address for each party.

  2. You or someone with access to your account proactively deleted the RSVP. Please note that deletion removes the entire party's reply, and not just an individual from a party.

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