The Guest List and Dashboard may display different numbers as the Guest List reflects only the count of guests and responses submitted by guests listed by you on the list. The Dashboard will reflect ALL guests who have RSVP'd.

Some tips and possible factors affecting your counts:

  • You can enable the option to "Allow Only Listed Guests to RSVP" (found at the top of your Guest List tab) in order to allow only guests you've specifically entered to RSVP. Without this option enabled, if guests enter their name with a typo, the system will assume they are not on your guest list and will allow them to proceed with their RSVP without tracking them as a listed guest. This guest will then show in your RSVP tab (which shows all RSVPs received), but not your Guest List tab.

  • While interrelated, the Guest List and RSVPs tab are separate. Deletion of a party's RSVP in the 'RSVPs' tab won't delete that party in the 'Guest List' tab -- it will only update that party's status back to 'Haven't Heard.' By the same token, deletion of a party in the Guest List wont delete any RSVP you've received from that party. If you decide not to delete a party in both areas, your counts could become skewed. 

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