Can't login? Can't reset your password? Are you seeing the error message "We couldn't find that account."?

Here's a few trouble-shooting tips:

  1. OK, this one's a bit obvious, but triple-check your e-mail address for a typo or extra space before or after (a pesky extra space is common when copying and pasting).
  2. Are you an RSVPify 2.0 Beta user? If so, for now, your login can be found at (note that this URL is different from the 1.0 login at this time).
  3. Did you receive a confirmation email when you opened your account? If you never confirmed your account's email address, it's possible that you had a typo in your email address when you created your account. Please contact RSVPify Support with as much information about your account as possible and we'd be glad to assist further.

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