We recognize that it's always hard to estimate the exact number of RSVPs you'll need at the outset of your event. Often times you don't get the yield you were hoping for and need to add additional guests to your guest list. It's also fairly common for users to realize the power of the Secondary Events feature after having purchased their Single Event plan. As such, we've built a new tool that will enable users to add additional RSVPs and Secondary Events to their existing / already purchased Single Event.

To add RSVPs and/or Secondary Events, follow these quick steps:

1) Log into your RSVPify account

2) Click on 'Upgrade' from either the top of your browser and/or in your RSVPs dashboard next to your RSVP counter

3) Find your Single Event's permissions in the upper lefthand corner of the Upgrade page

4) Click on the 'Add More' button next to your event's RSVP or Secondary Event permissions

5) Select how many additional RSVPs and/or Secondary Events you would like to add

6) Checkout and check your billing history to ensure the transaction was processed

Here is a quick video overview of what this process looks like:

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