After you’re satisfied with the setup and style of your online RSVP, include your custom RSVPify URL with your event’s paper invitations or on your event’s website (with our Premiums packages, you can seamlessly embed the RSVP on your website). Guests will complete your simplified online RSVP, and you’ll have 24/7 access to all of the details of your event’s RSVP list. You can also optionally setup a guest list, and track your event's guests as they RSVP -- always knowing who you've heard from and who might need a little nudge.

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Embed your RSVP on your existing website or send guests to from your paper invitations or by emailing guests your link or posting your event's link to social media. You can also choose to send invitations by email directly from RSVPify by going to Tools > Invite Guests to RSVP > Email Invitations.


Your guests visit your RSVP website and complete your customized online RSVP in minutes.


You always know who you haven’t heard from, who’s coming and what their preferences are.

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