A Secondary Event is any event you'd like guests to reply to in addition to your primary event. While all guests will be asked to RSVP to your primary event, you can opt to also ask ALL guests to RSVP to a Secondary Event, or use the Guest List Management App to select individual guests to RSVP to a Secondary Event. 

Guests not invited to a Secondary Event will not be asked to RSVP to or be able to see these sub-events.

Sample scenario
You're inviting to 200 guests to your wedding ceremony and reception, but not all 200 guests will be invited to sub-events such as a rehearsal dinner, brunch or bachelor party. With RSVPify, is it possible to ask only certain, select guests to RSVP to a given event?

So, what's the best approach?
With RSVPify's Secondary Events feature, you can create a sub-event(s) -- and choose to invite ALL guests on your Guest List to these event(s), or choose a select subset of your guests to invite.

Guests who you don't select to invite to a given Secondary Event will not see or be asked to RSVP to these event(s).

You can opt to invite ALL guests in a party to a Secondary Event, or use the button to the right on an individual guest to invite ONLY that guest.

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